Barbara Nalewko in the water | Swimming Instructor Coach | Limerick | Irleand | Irish Sport I am posting this Skill Programme to answer most of the questions that I get via email. The below skill programme is nothing new in methodology of teaching swimming however I know that for those who cannot swim it is something new. Hopefully, it will help a beginner to see what is ahead of him/her and a improver where he/she is at. During the first lesson I always double check skills in the order written below as those first five fundamental skills sometimes are the reason of errors in the other skills.

During the Swimming Skill Programme I am flexible to change exercise and add another skill at any time depending on the learning progression. The skills are presented in a certain order below however the programme can be modified depending on the ability and/or swimmer’s goals.

Main Swimming Skills #:

  1. water confidence
  2. breathing / putting face into the water
  3. Body Position (BP)
  4. Floating on the front with equipment
  5. Floating on the back with equipment
  6. Skills #1-5 can be accomplished during first lesson depending on swimmer’s ability, water confidence and passed experience.
  7. Front Crawl (FC) [Free Style] kick
  8. Breaststroke (BR) kick
  9. Backstroke (BC) kick
  10. Butterfly (Fly) kick
  11. Introductions for sculling (BR pull) and treading water (BR V-kick)
  12. FC pull with a float, push off
  13. BC pull with a float, push off
  14. Skills #6-12 might be introduced during the second lesson. Order is sometimes changed depending on confidence in skills #1-5.
  15. Floating on the front without equipment
  16. Floating on the back without equipment
  17. FC pull & kick coordination
  18. BC pull & kick coordination
  19. BR pull & kick coordination
  20. Fly pull

All skills are taught in the shallow water; however during the lessons we might go into the deep water from time to time to practice some elements (beginners/improvers) or go even straight away to deep water for (advance/swimmers). It depends on the swimmer’s confidence and skills level. Remember, it is recommended to gain deep water confidence under instructor’s supervision.

Do not hesitate to speak up during the lesson or send me an email afterwards if you have any questions. The lesson is for you or your child and I cherish any feedback. They help me to change exercise if needed, skip it and go back to it another time. Not only was this programme created under the knowledge that I gained during my swimming career and college but also after over 10 years teaching swimming experience. There is no pressure, the main goal is to gain new skills every lesson and enjoy the water. Please inform me if you have/had any health problems or new/old injury.

Swimming Instructor/Coach: Barbara Nalewko